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How a familiarisation visit can speed up you homesearch...

Getting to know a region before you start searching for a home can help ensure you make the right choice of new home...

There is nothing like local knowledge to make relocating easier and more pleasurable. At Birkdale Relocations we are convinced that an area familiarisation tour (sometimes called an “orientation”) offers a number of benefits:

  • Enables the client to see a large part of the area they will be relocating to and decide on the most suitable locations within the area for their future home

  • Provides a more in-depth introduction to the target area without the pressure and time constraints of trying to select a home at the same time

  • Allows a range of facilities such as transport hubs, health provision, arterial routes, schools, leisure facilities and shops to be seen which enables the client to make a much more informed decision as to their preferred locations for their home search

  • Places and facilities of special interest to the client can be identified and visited

  • We can even arrange to view one or two typical properties during the tour so that the client can get a better feel for what is available in different areas that meet their budget

A familiarisation tour is an enjoyable day out and provides an opportunity for you to draw on our wealth of knowledge of the North West of England, especially for people moving to the UK for the first time.

Why not contact Birkdale Relocations today and discuss how an area familiarisation can help you?

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