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Liverpool House Prices Guide

Liverpool and Merseyside offer a wide range of house prices across the area. Prices in Mossley Hill, around Sefton Park, and Formby, to the north of the city, typically fetch a premium as do properties on the Wirral, especially those overlooking the estuary of the river Dee, on the South West side. The extensive redevelopments taking place across the city, however, mean that many central areas are experiencing significant price growth as the properties and areas themselves are upgraded. Most notable among these recently has been the areas of Seaforth and Litherland just to the north of the city centre; an area well served by trains and buses.

Merseyside has a large stock of semi-detached properties which sell for an average £179,131 although this varies across the city. Detached are generally found further out from the city centre, especially on the Wirral and in the suburbs and villages that lie along the Mersey estuary to the north of Liverpool city; detached property prices average £305,650. Central areas still have many older terraced properties and many of the new developments include a number of terraced properties, albeit with broken lines and more of a village feel. The average terraced property sells for £115,771. There are still plenty of bargains to be had in the right areas, especially if you wish to undertake your own renovation project.

There has been a surge in the development of flats, especially in the city centre but also in some of the areas further from the centre. Average prices are around £125,000.

For more on the Liverpool house prices range check out the heat map HERE.

Merseyside average prices (£171,147) compare

with nearby conurbations such as Manchester, where the average price is £29,000 higher, and Chester where average prices are around £80,000 higher. Although prices in Merseyside grew quite quickly in the middle of the decade, they have recently stabilised.

For those wishing to live outside of the city a good road and rail system brings towns such as Formby, Knowsley, Ormskirk, Widnes and other Lancashire towns and villages into the equation, especially for those seeking a home outside of the built-up city areas.

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